Saturday, April 13, 2013

A "Homemade" Minecraft Birthday

 There is NO Minecraft party stuff anywhere. Someone could be making a fortune! When I asked for Minecraft stuff at the party store the guys said "Do you know how many times a day I get asked that?"  These are my "homemade" Minecraft gift bags for the guests. I just got bright green bags from Michael's Craft store and cut out the faces on  black paper myself and put them on. I could not find the right color at the dollar store but with a 40% coupon at Michael's, these were pretty cheap.

 I admit, I borrowed these ideas from Pinterest but they were good ones! And easy too. I got small candy bags from Michael's as well (with a coupon) and correlating ribbons and did up the candy bags. Red Licorice as "TNT". I also made the labels on my computer and just stuck them on the bags.

                                            Blueberry Jolly ranchers for "Diamond"

                                                Apple Jolly ranchers for "Emerald"

                                                            Rolo's for "Gold"
                              (Hershey's gold wrapped chocolates would be cute too)

                                          I got these lanyards on Amazon Found here
                                       They do not come with the plastic tag holders.
                                        You can get those anywhere like Staples etc.
                    I just made the name tags on the computer and put them in myself.

 My local Supermarket Bakery (Stop and Shop) will make a cake topper with anything you bring in printed on a sheet of paper so, I made a topper with what I wanted and had them make the cake.

 It was a chocolate cake and I requested the grass frosting so when it was cut, it looked just like a dirt block from Minecraft! The kids loved it.

              We had the party at a local Lazer Kraze (lazer tag place) and fun was had by all!
Even I played the lazer tag. I usually sit these things out but YOLO is my new motto and I'm glad I did. So much fun!